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Welcome Mappu!

Mappu is a web-based GIS built on the awesome Sproutcore platform which just runs on top of your existing WMS server and makes it easy to browse, print, comment, tag and attach data to geographic features.

Let us help you:



Star your fave features

Mappu allows you to star geographic features like you're used to with your important mail in gmail.


Comment features and view your fellow users answers or just use use comments as notes.

Tag features

Mappu supports tagging features and then browsing them by tag in a tag cloud. Share tags with other users and see what others are doing.


Print the map to a portable (and customizable) PDF document thanks to the awesome Mapfish Print module (from the guys at CampoToCamp) which has been integrated into Mappu so that you can focus on publishing data, not mantaining code.

Process features

Mappu supports a lightweight processing service built on top of JTS which out of the box provides operations like buffer, union, intersection and area.

Get connected

Mappu supports both incoming and outgoing links:

thanks to Sproutcore routes Mappu can recognize link to fatures and/or geographical areas and open them automatically
Mappu can be easily configured to recognize layer groups, layers and/or single features and then generate HTML links whenever a feature matching those characteristics has been selected

It just works

Mappu does not mess with your existing GIS instrastructure, instead it leverages it to provide new services on top of it.

Mappu uses the industry standard WMS and WFS protocols to access your gis data. Documentation on how to integrate it with your existing infrastructure is underway.

Mappu has been extensively tested with GeoServer and work is in progress to integrate it with Mapserver. In theory it should work with any server that can act as a WMS/WFS server.

Try it on EC2

It's this simple: launch a new Centos 6 instance and then supply the following user data:

#!/bin/sh -ex
# Download and install Mappu
curl -s | /bin/bash

Try it on your server

Do NOT launch on production servers as the script will download and install programs, possibly overwriting your own. Launch on an empty box.

Did you read the warning above. Done? Ok, then create a new virgin Centos 6 server (can be physical or virtual) and run the following command from a root shell:

curl -s | /bin/bash

Try it with Vagrant

Check out the source from git, then cd into the folder and issue:

vagrant box add centos6
vagrant plugin install vagrant-salt
vagrant up

Default username and password

The default username and password are: admin / admin01
Geoserver has been installed with the defaults: admin / geoserver

Mappu is built to get out of the way

I built Mappu as project for learning Sproutcore and because I wanted to create a web gis that looks good and does all the good stuff a web gis should do. Out of the box, without coding.

The list above shows all the features that are built into Mappu so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Some of them are mature, others are more experimental and might crash or just not work.

There's plenty of great browsers out of there (Mappu is developed on Google Chrome) so don't complain if it doesn't work on IE6. It should work on IE 8 and 9 though.